We are  

We are entering a world that is fundamentally different than the one we know.
Economics and governance is changing. Institutions are shifting. People are listening.
The next phase is here.

We leverage several technologies

The Intellectual and Technological Powerhouse Creating Tomorrow.
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Research & Planning

We apply the rigor of the scientific method to the nascent space of cryptocurrency and blockchain, developing the infrastructure of the Web 3.0.

Agile Development

Speed is our main tenant. We apply Agile methodologies to a novel environment to achieve project deliverables while creating the infrastructure on which they sit.

Product Launch

We are the intersection of a think tank and a products company. We ideate, we innovate and then we create.

What We Do
We are ‘blockchain agnostic’. We leverage several different platforms for different use-cases. The bulk of our experience lies in the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger blockchain infrastructures.
Digital currency

01. Digital Currency

We use and build open source protocols that leverage the power of blockchain and smart contracts to create cheap, fast and private transactions. These include consensus mechanisms, wallet development and ancillary functionality.

Financial networks

02. Blockchain Applications

User adoption and application innovations is driving the need for more secure and robust infrastructures. Blockchain provides robust security, transparency, and increases shareholder value all around.

Blockchain applications

03. Financial Networks

We are researching Layer 2 and Sidechain applications to support Layer 1 scalability. These protocols will afford users and institutions the ability to leverage the power of digital assets across blockchains to provide liquidity through the bridging of disparate markets.

meet our team

We're a small, agile, coherent team of software developers with a unified obsession with Blockchain. Ask us what get's us out of bed in the morning, you guessed it, Blockchain.